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Tayyebi: Endowed with the rich heritage of Tibb-e-Unani

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133 years after its inception in India, Tayyebi Dawakhana found its way into Pakistan when Hakim Mohammad Ali Tayyebi laid the foundations of his first Matab (Clinic) in Karachi in 1948. Following in the footsteps of his illustrious grandfather, Hakim Mohammad Ali led an expansion which saw the opening of new clinics throughout Karachi.

Today there are 4 Matabs in Karachi alone, which are run by Hakims (Doctors) belonging to the Tayyebi family. The family tradition of natural healthcare which has been handed down from generation to generation is still being practiced with the same diligence and determination by the Tayyebi family.

The major differentiating factor which sets Tayyebi in a class of its own is the fact that its family tradition of serving the ailing mankind, not just through its medicine but also through consultation of patients by qualified Hakims belonging to the family, is still very much a part of its business philosophy. There are a total of 6 Hakims belonging to the Tayyebi family who are qualified Tabibs (Physicians) providing medical consultation to patients.

Tayyebi prepares over 350 different medicinal and healthcare products at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility conforming to cGMP. Quality check of raw material is the first step towards a quality product and therefore is done rigorously. All raw materials are sourced through reliable vendors and undergo a series of qualitative tests before approval.

Tayyebi places special focus on R&D and is actively involved in new product development. There are over 25 patented products ranging from a general health tonic to cough syrup to blood purifier, which have yielded excellent therapeutic results and gained wide recognition from the healthcare community. All new formulations undergo numerous tests and clinical trials before going to market.