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Tayyebi: Endowed with the rich heritage of Tibb-e-Unani

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Medicines prepared in the Tibb-e-Unani pharmacopoeia are based on the following formulations:

  • A paste-like formulation prepared in honey and sugar. An Itriful consist of 3 fruits - Terminalia chebula (Halaila), Terminalia belerica (Bahera) and Emblica officinali (Amla), its main ingredients known as 'Ter-phala'. Itrifuls are less-viscous than other forms of Unani preparations, and as a result are assimilated and excreted faster.
  • Itrifuls are mostly effective in elimination of waste material (ill-humors) from the body especially the brain, eyes, nose, ears, stomach and intestine. Prescriptions vary for illnesses ranging from headache, migraine, sinusitis, cataract, and otitis media to cold, flu, asthma, stomach ache, intestinal worms, blood impurities and piles.

  • A paste-like formulation prepared in honey and sugar and usually pleasant tasting. Jawarish is more viscous than an Itriful and its medicinal ingredients are not finely ground so as to retain the medicine in the stomach for a longer duration.
  • Jawarish are mostly indicated for stomach disorders and aid in digestion and intestinal cleansing.

Hab / Qurs
  • A Hab or Qurs is in tablet form and is assimilated in the body much faster. A variety of tablets are manufactured catering to a wide range of indications.

  • A compound distinguished by its sweet aroma and smooth texture, Khamira is prepared in a base of honey and sugar in a 2-stage process. A decoction of the medicinal herbs is first obtained under controlled conditions, containing extracts of the desired active ingredients, which is then added to the honey and sugar base. This mix is then extensively kneaded, for an entire day in some formulations. The resulting preparation is highly viscous and smooth.
  • All Khamiras are intended to refresh the body and strengthen the brain and nervous system. Some are also indicated in cough, flu, fever, and asthma.

  • The word literally means 'Oil' and all oils are extracted either from seeds or herbs.
  • Most oils are used as emollient or sedatives to relieve muscular pain, eliminate dryness, reduce swelling and improve blood supply.

  • Sufuf means 'Powder', and represents all preparations in finely ground powder form. This form of medication is intended for fast and instant relief and is retained in the body for a longer period of time.
  • Indications for Sufuf vary from fever to stomach disorders to piles and bleeding.

  • Sharbat is an Arabic word meaning 'Syrup'. All Sharbats are prepared by first boiling the medicinal herbs in water for obtaining a decoction, which is then added to a base of sugar and glucose.
  • Sharbats are indicated in a variety of disorders.

  • This preparation is for external use only. It is in the form of an ointment with relatively little viscosity and its medicinal powder is very finely ground for fast absorption through skin.
  • All Tillas are indicated in providing strength to the male genital organ. Their massage helps maintain erection for a longer duration and enhances libido.

  • The literal meaning of this Arabic word is 'Distillate'. An Arq is obtained by boiling an herb in a distillation plant at optimal temperature and collecting the condensate which contains the active ingredient in pure form.
  • Arqs are indicated in a variety of disorders.

  • Prepared in honey and sugar, Laooq is less viscous than a Jawarish and is by and large prescribed in cold, flu, and sore throat.
  • It is generally advised to consume a Laooq by dissolving it in a cup of lukewarm water.

  • Prepared in honey and sugar but very viscous as opposed to a Laooq. Another distinguishing factor is the high content of dry fruits and nuts in the formulation of Lububs.
  • Lububs are mostly indicated in sexual debility and impotence.

  • Majoon is another honey and sugar based formulation and is highly viscous. The medicinal ingredients are finely ground intended for fast assimilation in the body.
  • Majoons are indicated for a wide range of diseases.

  • This formulation is prepared in a base of honey only. All Mufarahs are intended to refresh and invigorate the body and provide nourishment to all the vital organs.