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Shahi is an excellent herbal health tonic for strengthening and energizing your body. Shahi is ideal for eliminating mental fatigue and physical weakness, to help you meet the challenges of daily life.

Shahi is ideal for children as it promotes growth and provides nourishment with its, high content of vitamins. Shahi also boosts the immune system, thus making children stronger against diseases. Shahi strengthens bones and teeth and also enhances memory to make your child excel in studies as well as physical activities.

Shahi is unequalled in all anaemic conditions generally associated with feminine disorders, as it is a rich source of natural Folic Acid and Iron which help restore lost blood and produce RBCs.

With its effective combination of refreshing and health-giving ingredients, Shahi serves not only to rejuvenate and energize, but also tones up vital organs of the body. By strengthening the liver and stomach function, Shahi improves digestion, and also increases blood supply thereby strengthening the heart and brain, catering to the needs of old age.

Vitamin C
Builds immunity
Vitamin D
Strengthens teeth and bones
Vitamin E
Protects body cells
Keeps red blood cells healthy
Vitamin B6
Enhances immune system
Vitamin B12
Tones up nervine system
Folic Acid
Essential for DNA synthesis
Helps support healthy immune system
Helps to control blood pressure and aids in muscle contraction
Maintains healthy skin, hair and bones
Helps in metabolism of energy producing nutrients
Key component of healthy bones and teeth
Protects body cells, nerves and muscles